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August 4th, 2007

Prayer Concerns:

CSPCU News: Amazing blessings!!! I am so excited to say that your prayers are being answered. The trip to Kiev was better than I could have imagined. We were invited to this year’s OSCE-PA, one of the largest International Parliamentary Assemblies. When we arrived on Thursday, we went to the Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian equivalent to the US Senate. We approached the gates where armed guards were posted, showed them our passes, and entered the main entrance thru the metal detectors. Once inside, we were given our weekend packets, badges and special event invitations. It’s so hard to explain how amazing it was to experience this opportunity. Here we are, missionaries from Northern Michigan, and we are standing in a room surrounded by over 300 international parliamentarians. To read the list of attendees, we realized that we were among some extremely powerfully and influential world leaders; huge celebrities of the global political community. Now I must admit it took a whole day to get past being “star-struck”. After the opening speeches by Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko, and the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, I felt like we really didn’t belong here. I felt like we were way out of our league. I turned to my wife with big eyes and she sensed my uneasiness. She quickly reminded me, “God opened these doors and we are supposed to be here.” After the morning sessions, Valeriia and I went outside and said a quick prayer asking for courage, open doors, and opportunities to be able to approach and shake hands with the people that we were brought here to meet.
Over the next three days, we introduced ourselves, our work with CSPCU to many different people. We sought out the people in attendance most active and recognized in the global human rights community. We found them, and we talked to them.

Michigan Bridge News: Many of you may remember hearing about the wonderful experience mom, Dale, and I had last year at the Dorcas Christian summer camp in Debrecen, Hungary. Valeriia and I have been invited to attend again this year. We will be there from Aug. 6th-10th. Keep this camp in prayer that this week is eventful and fulfilling for these teenagers. Also pray for good weather and safe travels as they will be coming from many different regions, some are traveling rather far. I will hopefully be connecting with our friend and partner Gustav Fodor and continuing to work on the development of the homeless in Hungary project scheduled for winter 2009.

We are extremely thankful for the people who have committed to monthly sponsorship. We are still looking for 7 more in order to pay our monthly ministry expenses. We have one church committed to $100+ a month and we are praying for 2 more. We are excited to report that we did receive the funds necessary for the OSCE-PA trip!! We are planning ahead for our important and necessary trip to Netherlands. We are praying for $1000 for transport, lodging, and food. As CSPCU begins to develop, we are deeply in need of a permenant residence. We are looking to purchase a small office space here in Uzhgorod.

These are our immediate financial needs. If you cannot help financially at this time, please commit to praying that the Lord send's us the people who can.
Personal News: Many of you have been asking about our health, we are doing great. Prayers were answered and Valeriia's hospital visit was short. Thank you for praying. We are going to Kiev for our first interview for Valeriia’s immigration visa at the US Embassy on August 14th. We need all the prayers we can get. This is the first step in a process that can take 2 months to 2 years. Pray for the former. We have a unique prayer request; we need to find people to sign a petition stating that she will not become a financial burden on the US government. This is very complicated to explain, so I will just ask that you keep in prayer that people will come forward who are willing to look at the forms necessary in case they may be able to help.
“Excuse me, Mr. (whoever), my name is Jason Wiser and I am here researching the human trafficking supplemental which is being voted on, can I ask you a few questions regarding our project proposal for combating human trafficking?” We met Belgium senators in the hallways, German congressman on the charter busses, and USA representatives at the evening Gala events, to name a few. The first Gala event was a concert and cocktail party at the Ukraine National Arts Centre hosted by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, and the next night we were invited to City Hall to have dinner with the mayor of Kiev. It was at these events that it was easiest to mingle and introduce ourselves. As a result of the Kiev trip, many new doors have been flung open!! I say that God has just shovelled two tons of coal into the locomotive pulling the visions and goals of CSPCU. We are returning to Kiev for a follow up meeting with NGO's there to continue researching the Ukrainian moral laws. We will be looking for any activities and existing projects which we can tap into.
We are so excited to report that many great things are about to happen!! We are starting to look into what it will take to purchase permanent office space for our headquarters. We are not real sure what this will require, but we know that we will need this soon. Please be in prayer for wisdom and funding for this expansion. Partners, friends, and sponsors, hold on; this ride is going to get fast and powerful. Amen!

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Michigan Bridge Ministry is a Christian organization dedicated to supporting missionaries and the projects with which they are involved. Our Goal is to do what we can to help unify the body of Christ in all parts of the world. Our mission partners are both overseas and domestic.

It is our desire to be able to “bridge” the gaps of distance, language, culture, and doctrine by supporting disciples who spread the Word of God and share the Love of Jesus Christ with the world.

Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.
Psalms 82:3 (NIV)


“The Committee for Sexual Protection of Children in Ukraine is committed to developing a Christian program that will equip this country with tools and resources in order that we may gain a thorough understanding of the moral and social implications of sexuality and defend the Ukrainian Moral Laws. The programs two fold agenda teaches abstinence, health, and birth control, while providing information and resources for abuse prevention, counseling, and prosecution. This goal will be achieved by working with both Christian and secular organizations at the international, state, regional, and local levels.”

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