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Current events and News from Ukraine

June 21, 2008

Prayer Concerns:

CSPCU News: There have been many great things happening for the committee so far this year. We've added new partners and have made contact with many organizations who wish to be included in our network database. We are growing in strength and reputation. It's time for us to create our own dedicated web site so that we can feature more resources, links, and materials. Our goals continue to be met as we connect NGO's with people who need to be served.

The vote is final and we will be hosting a series of training seminars. We have contacted Life Skills Manual training, a Kiev resident partner of VIVA Network, and we hope to bring them here to Uzhgorod at the end of August this year. They have developed a wonderful 10 part training program which has been translated and tailored for the Ukrainian educators. We have very good relations with the Uzhgorod National University Social work department and we will be holding these seminars in partnership with them. In April of 2009 we will be hosting our first children in crisis training conference. Our goal is to facilitate an event where developers of curriculums can share ideas and materials while giving students opportunities to be a part of mini sessions and discussions. We are so thankful that God has opened these doors and we are so excited to know that future social workers are getting access to up to date materials and research. Ukraine is requiring persons who work with children to be certified within the next 2-3 years. This is an incredible step toward social reform and we are so blessed to be a part of these pioneering efforts.

We are also able to recieve NW World Perks frequent flyer miles transfers to help us with ongoing transportation costs. contact me for details.

Michigan Bridge News: I have been asked to send a warm Christian greeting from Pastor Brugosh and his congregation. We have had many wonderful times together worshiping the Lord. Just last week I was invited to go to a local village where there is a house church. This is the ideal opportunity for missions. We went many kilometers outside the city to the little village of Ratotcie. Valeriia was at home with the baby, so I went with out a translator. This added a unique, yet wonderful dynamic. Once we got there we went from house to house laughing, praying, sharing fellowship, and had many delicious treats. At the first house, Pastor asked me to share a word. I trusted the Holy Spirit to help me speak. With my very limited language skills, pastor reading the verses from his Russian bible, and his expounding, everyone was able to understand the message of faith and mercy. (Deut 21:18-21, Luke 15:11-32, Rom 3:23-31) We walked as a group down the street gaining in numbers as Pastor told bible stories and little children chased each other around our legs. This gave me such a nostalgic feeling of what disciple life might have been like as they went from town to town preaching, teaching, and sharing the gospel. Every home we went to we were warmly welcomed and gratefully received. As we walked, Pastor told me that almost the entire village was born again Christians. When he said this I looked around and noticed that no one was smoking or drinking, families were playing together and there was an aura of peace and joy all around. This was a wonderful sight as often times the Roma communities tend to be pretty rough due to the overall poverty and lack of resources. The time went so fast and we almost missed our train. Pastor waved at me frantically as I snapped the last few photos of children wanting to pose for the camera. We had to hustle across a corn field, down a long path to get to the train platform. We look forward to next week and this time Valeriia will join us.

Big warm thanks for your help with the pipes for the heat at the church house in Uzhgorod. They are fully installed and they look and work great! Our next remodeling project, we will be partnering with a team from Holland to build a security fence for the church and to make the yard a safe place for children to play. There is so much work to be done, and we are in awe at the incredible development and growth. Pastor says that the members of the church are becoming recognized in the community and are starting to go into the houses and share the gospel inviting new members to church. This is kingdom mindedness!!! We are to go outside the church and share the gospel, not just sit in church and keep it to ourselves. Praise God for their determination, faith, and commitment.

Again I want to mention The Homeless in Hungary project. The project has been moved to Budapest, Hungary February 21-March 3rd. We will be distributing backpacks filled with warm clothes, blankets, eating utensils, vitamins, and a bible. We will be gathering the goods in northern Michigan and shipping them over seas. There we will partner with Hungarian Protestant Aid and help their evangelist team distribute the bags while inviting the homeless indoors to the many shelters and soup kitchens around the city. This is a great opportunity for short term mission’s teams if you are interested. Also, we need help gathering supplies and collecting donations at the Michigan drop off site. If you are interested in helping to volunteer, or if you want to sponsor a backpack ($50), please contact me.

Personal News: our first child, Russell Daniil Wiser III is born!!! He is such an incredible joy and so alert. He was born 6-7-08 and weighs a healthy 8.5 lbs. We love the new challenges. God has blessed us beyond our expectation! He is our very own tangible piece of heaven.

Funding Needs: I have been hesitant to talk about our funding needs, but as we enter into July, we are short of funds for many summer projects with which we are expected to get involved. We have had many people and churches make pledges, and we urge you to consider this month to be your time to send in your support. We need about $750 in ongoing monthly sponsorship, and $3500 for summer projects. Every dollar counts!! If you can help in any way possible, tell us where you want your donations to go and we will put them there. Thank you for understanding.

  1. Funds to bring speakers to Uzhgorod for the seminars (travel, materials, housing, food)
  2. Building supplies for Pastor Brugosh and the church
  3. Bibles for local Roma community
  4. $50 per backpack for the Homeless in Hungary (goal 500-1000 bags!)
  5. Transportation costs to Kiev for networking meetings with other NGO
  6. Transportation to get to COG missions seminar in September
  7. $188 for Russell's round trip flight ticket.
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Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.
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“The Committee for Sexual Protection of Children in Ukraine is committed to developing and maintaining a program that equips this country with materials and resources for a thorough understanding of the moral and social implications of sexuality as we strive to defend the Ukrainian Moral Laws. The programs two fold agenda teaches health, birth control, and abstinence while providing information and access to sources for abuse prevention, Christian rehabilitation counseling, and legal recourse. This goal is being realised by cooperating with both Christian and secular organizations at the international, state, regional, and local levels.”

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